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Central Plumbing, Heating, Excavation progress on Wastewater Upgrade Project

Central PHE along with Steed Industries, United Materials, and A Jay Concrete Pumping has made significant progress on the Wastewater System Upgrades project in Sun Prairie. Central Foreman Kelly Liggett and Team led a safe, successful, and uneventful concrete pour this afternoon. Thank you for working together to be safety first!

Wastewater System Upgrades Advertisement for Bids


Sun Prairie Village County Water & Sewer District
Great Falls, Montana

Sealed Bids for the construction of the Sun Prairie Village Wastewater System Upgrades will be received by the Sun Prairie Village County Water & Sewer District General Manager at the District office at 1047 Grant Drive, Great Falls, MT 59404, until 2:00 PM local time on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at which time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read.

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Wastewater Improvement Upgrade

The District has been working towards upgrading the wastewater system.

Morrison Maierle was contracted to do design, and Nittany Grantworks to assist in helping the District get funding.

Project Goals: The project goal is to improve wastewater collection system and centralized wastewater treatment and protect waterbodies from pollution.

Project Objectives: The project objectives are: 1) replace the East and West lift stations, 2) replace two standby generators at the East and West lift stations, 3) install a nitrification reactor in the flow stream between the aerated lagoon and the facultative, 4) replace aged aeration and mixing equipment, and 5) replace the non-functional effluent flow meter with a new ultrasonic level sensor and control panel with logging capabilities as required for DMR reporting.

Project Effectiveness: The treatment system will meet the new ammonia limit (started October 1, 2017) year round. Accurate flow will be calculated using an ultrasonic level sensor and control panel with logging capabilities. The pumps are sized to generally meet sizing of the existing pumps: 1) West Lift Station – 140 gpm at 26 ft. TTDH and 2) East Lift Station – 450 gpm @ 34 ft. TDH. This sizing will meet expected flow rates with full buildout in the District; the District Board intends to not expand the District service area. The generators are sized at 30 kW and 45kW for the West and East Lift Stations respectively. The construction contract requires sludge sampling to determine solids content. However, based on sludge depth measurements and typical solids content, it is estimated that 592,000 gallons of sludge with an 8 percent solids content will be removed. The blow system is designed with three total blowers with two duty blowers and one standby blower. Each blower is of the same rate of 760 scfm @ 6.7 psi. The system is designed so that any blower can supply either the nitrification reactor or the treatment lagoon aeration system.

The total budget for the upgrade is $2,572,000.00.

The orginal funding package was:

     $500,000.00 TSEP Grant

  $1,335,000.00 USDA Loan

     $478,000.00 USDA Grant

     $259,000.00 District Contribution

With last years Covid pandemic, ARPA was formed.

What is ARPA

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (PUB. L. NO 117-2 SEC 602 (c)(1)(d)) provides state and local aid to make necessary investments in water and sewer infrastructure. The 67th Montana Legislature passed HOUSE BILL 632 which directed the federal funds available under the American Rescue Plan Act for use in Montana. Section 1 – Section 5 address how the federal funds will be distributed to necessary water and sewer infrastructure projects. House Bill 632 created the Infrastructure Advisory Commission who will oversee spending on water and sewer infrastructure projects along with the Governor of Montana.

The District's Grant Administrator had submitted an application for the District to receive ARPA grant funds. If you wish to review the ARPA website, you may visit: Welcome to the State of Montana's ARPA website.

Round 1 Project Application and Award Information

The District was awarded $1,286,000.00 of the ARPA Grant funds.

Therefore, the new funding package should consist of the following:

     $500,000.00 TSEP grant funds

  $1,286,000.00 ARPA grant funds

     $259,000.00 District contribution

     $527,000.00 USDA Loan

At the District Board Meeting held September 14th, 2021, Morrison Maierle stated the District should be able to advertise going to out bid within the next few weeks with construction to start the spring of 2022. It's been a long process, but the District is moving forward and cannot wait to break ground on the upgrade.

Pump house repair and replacement

This is the reason for the repair that will need to be done on Wednesday March 11th, 2020. This is the water main that pushes the water from the Districts clear well into the Distribution lines. The nuts and bolts are deteriorating and the current pipe has sprung a leak, which makes this a major accident waiting to happen, and then the District would be unable to provide water while waiting for the materials, parts, and labor to repair. This is not a small repair that Poncelet is able to assist the District with, and was referred best suited for the repair being Central Plumbing. Central has been on site to get the details of materials needed to replace the sections, ordered the materials, and getting everything ready to do the work in as quick as a manner that is safe for them and the District. The District will not be able to push water into the Distribution mains while this work is being performed. We ask that NO WATER be used from 7:00 AM Wednesday March 11th until Central has completed the replacement. The only water that will be available will be what remains in the distribution lines and the elevated tank on the hill, which in case of a fire could need all water in the reserve. PLEASE notify friends and neighbors in the Village to NOT turn on any water faucets after 7:00 AM Wednesday March 11th until a notification is sent that the the District has resumed water service. Thank you.

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Thank you.

Wastewater System Improvement Project

The necessary start-up documentation has been received by Department of Commerce for the Sun Prairie Village County Water and Sewer District Wastewater System Improvements project so the next step of DOC preparing the TSEP grant contract can begin.  Based on the District's application and correspondence, $500,000 of TSEP funds are awarded to construct an addition to the wastewater treatment system and replace two lift stations, with an anticipated completion of the end of 2021. 

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