Board Members

The Sun Prairie Village County Water and Sewer District Board Members are governed by:

Montana Code Annotated 2021
Parts 22 and 23. County Water and/or Sewer Districts

Montana Code Annotated

Check here for news and information about your Sun Prairie Village County Water & Sewer District Board Members.  The following terms expire May 31st, with the year listed.

Qualifications Of Directors per Montana Code Annotated:

7-13-2233. Qualifications of directors. (1) To be eligible for election or appointment to a board of directors, a person must be:

(a) registered to vote as required by law;

(b) 18 years of age or older;

(c) a citizen of the United States; and

(d) a resident of the district or an owner of real property in the district who is a resident of the state of Montana.

(2) A person who is serving on a board of directors on July 1, 2017, who does not meet the qualifications under subsection (1) may serve the remainder of the person's term but may not be reelected or reappointed to the board. A person elected or appointed after July 1, 2017, must meet the qualifications under subsection (1).


Board President - 2026 Roland Martin
Board Vice-President - 2027 Kevin Askeland
Board Member - 2027 Keith Kallstrom
Board Member - 2026 Alisha Lashley
Board Member - 2026 David Abbott
Board Secretary Janet Fulmer