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The District can press charges against individuals for theft of services, which is attaching water service (ex. garden hose) to a neighbors property, or turning service on without District permission.  Today is not the first time this has happened.  The meter pits and/or curb valves located on each property is District property.  ONLY an employee of the District may access the meter pit and/or valve.  Any damages done to a meter pit and/or curb valve will be billed to the property owner.  This also pertains to meters that were placed in homes as well.

Also, the District is persuing lots tied into the wastewater system with no active water service for a shut off to the main distribution wastewater system.  If your property is occupied and there is no water service, the District will be getting a solution to close off the wastewater line from your property to the wastewater main.

Thank you, Sun Prairie Village County Water & Sewer District